Flesh - Collective exhibition
Autour de l’Image / Lyon,France

Au Nord de Paris - Solo exhibition
Galerie Thibault Hölscher / 58 rue de l’universite,Paris

The Last call - Collective exhibition
This is not true gallery / Bremen,Germany


Raus aus der Höhl - Solo exhibition
Ovierzig Galerie / Bremen, Germany

Ich bin ein Bremer - Solo exhibition
Autour de l’image / Lyon, France

Haam - Collective exhibition
Hambourg, Germany

Baam - Collective exhibition
Berlin, Germany


Not so Far - Duo exhibition
Private atelier / Bremen, Germany

Notre mer - Collective exhibition
Espace la bâtie / Lyon, France

Vincent - Collective exhibition
Autour de l’image / Lyon, France


Mourir au printemps - Solo exhibition
Autour de l’Image / Lyon, France

Octopus - Collective exhibition
Autour de l’image / Lyon, France

Never ending stories - Collective exhibition
Irrgang gallery Leipzig Germany

Far but Close - Collective exhibition
Florence contemporary gallery, Italy


Figures noires - Solo exhibition
Autour de l’image / Lyon, France

Lyon art paper salon -Collective exhibition
Palais Bondy / Lyon, France

Pour la beauté du geste - Collective exhibition
Les Halles du Faubourg, Lyon, France


Born in Annecy in 1993, Bastien Bürche is a French and Swiss artist. He studied Graphic Arts five years in Conde School Lyon. In January 2017 he made the decision to fully launch himself into his artistic practice. Thus, he started a residency at the Taverne Gutenberg, a creative laboratory in the heart of Lyon’s Guillotière neighbourhood.

During these two years of residency, he focused on aesthetic researchs. At the end of 2018, Bürcher met Thierry Bounan, founder of the galerie Autour de l’image. This meeting gave rise to his first solo exhibition, «Figures Noires», followed by two other shows in 2021 and 2023. Those exhibitions were his first on such a large scale (60 pieces) and marked the beginning of the professionnalisation of Bürcher’s work.

The current work Bastien Bürcher is showing on the international scene (Paris, Bremen, Berlin,Vienna, Lyon) navigate beetween intuitive and conceptual projects. His last exhibition «Au nord de Paris» is presented by the galerie Thibault Hölscher. He is living and working in Bremen, Germany.


“ Art is the shortest path from a human to an other once said André Malraux. It is with this conviction that I work everyda in the atelier. I believe that art has several functions for the well-being of our societes and own persons. Clarifying the world around us, bringing a feeling of beauty, creating new languages or revealing old ones. And as a profesional artist, it is my job and my pleasure to produce works capable of fullfilling those functions. ”


Painting teaqcher for the Kunsthalle Bremen
Oil painting and landscape 
Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

Painting teaqcher for the Kunsthalle Bremen
Oil painting and landscape
Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

Private drawing class in artist atelier
Lyon, France

Linocut courses and discovery workshops
Taverne Gutemberg, Lyon, France

Hildesheimer Straße 39, 28205, Bremen Germany