Born in Annecy in 1993, Bastien Bürcher is a French and Swiss artist. at 15, he falls in admiration in front of a drawing by Ingres and decides to become an artist.
He studies Art in Lyon in the Conde School during 5 years. In January 2017 he made the decision fully
launch himself into his artistic practice.

Thus, he started an artistic residency At the Taverne Gutenberg, a creative laboratory in the heart of Lyon’s Guillotière neighbourhood. During the two years of this residency, he focus on the aesthetic research. At the end of 2018, Bürcher met Thierry Bounan, founder of the galerie Autour de l’image. This meeting would eventually give rise to his first solo exhibition, «Figures Noires», followed by two other solo shows in 2021 and 2023.
Those solo exhibitions were his first on such a large
scale (60 canvases) and marked the beginning of the professionnalisation of Bürcher’s work.

The current work Bastien Bürcher is showing on the international scene is based on his favorite technique which is a mix media on paper with ink and oil painting. According to the artist, “It’s essential to fully understand his process”. That’s why he is working since years with the same paper, ink and paintings but in a constant evolution. Inspired by masters like WIlliam Nicholson, Gentileschi, Norbert Schwontkovski, Modersohn-Becker or Max Beckman. Bastien works on classical figurative topics like still life, intimate scene, portrait, landscapes and he is also developing a singular abstract work. Actually living in Bremen, Germany.

Represented by Galerie Autour de l’Image / Lyon, France
And Galerie SGA / Vienne, Austria


◊ Raus aus der Höhle - 2023 - Ovierzig galery - Solo
◊ Ich bin ein Bremer - 2023 - Galerie Autour de l’Image - Solo
◊ Not so far - 2022 - Private atelier exhibition - Duo
◊ Vincent - 2022 - Galerie Autour de l’Image - Collective
◊ Notre mer - 2022 Espace La Bâtie - Collective
◊ Octopus - 2021 - Galerie Autour de l’Image - Collective
◊ Never ending stories - 2021 - Irrgang Leipzig - Collective
◊ Mourir au Printemps - 2021 - Autour de l’Image - Solo
◊ Figures Noires - 2020 - Galerie Autour de l’Image - Solo
Instagram @bastien_burcher

Hildesheimer Straße 39, 28205, Bremen Germany